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Rachel Klein - Up Next

High Priest


HIGH PRIEST tells the story of Warhol Superstar Ondine (Robert Olivo) and his role in the rise and fall of the Silver Factory (Andy Warhol's legendary 1960s studio).


Ondine, a brilliant young gay performance artist, also known as The Pope of the amphetamine people, comes to the Big Apple with one goal in mind: to become a star. He is discovered by Andy Warhol, who makes his dream come true when he turns Ondine into a Superstar and the reigning High Priest of his Factory. But at what cost?


The story also features an ensemble of some of Andy Warhol's most outlandish and fascinating Superstars like Edie Sedgwick, Billy Name, Brigid Polk, Gerard Malanga, Paul Morrissey, Lou Reed, Nico, Valerie Solanas, and more. HIGH PRIEST is an epic roller coaster through the Silver Sixties and beyond.

Written by PAUL IACONO
Directed by RACHEL KLEIN


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